Adjustable precision scribe tool and stud finder.

8 incremental offsets ensure easy, quick, accurate scribing.

Compact, ergonomic, simple to use.

A must-have for finish carpenters and cabinet installers.

Reaches easily into 90 degree corners.


Scribing is a fundamental technique for carpenters and those installing cabinetry and architectural woodwork. Most walls and floors are not perfectly flat, so achieving a seamless, accurate fit can be time consuming and difficult to achieve.

RazorScribe® ensures precision installation of cabinets, countertops, moldings and built-in woodwork. Exact, compact and ergonomic, using RazorScribe® guarantees you finish fast with a flawless fit.

Simple to use, this multiple offset scribe tool uses a blade to score a distinct line for accurate and easy removal of material. With 8 offsets in 1/16” increments, achieve a sure-fire flush fit despite the irregularity of the surface.

Made in the USA, RazorScribe® is a must-have tool for finish carpenters and cabinet installers.

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